Where is Liquid Online based?
We are a UK company with offices in North-West and North-East England. Our main web servers are located on West-cost USA, providing excellent links to countries all around the world.

Are you just a reseller for a larger company?
Definitely not. We own, manage and maintain our own physical servers. This allows us to offer a much wider range of services than the smaller hosting firms, who are, in fact simply 'resellering' a larger company's services.

How much hosting experience have you had?
We've been in the hosting business for over 4 years. Since the company was set up, we have taken over 3 other hosting companies. We've got the experience and hardware to offer hosting services in virtually all possible configurations.

I have a strange hosting request - are you likely to be able to help?
Probably. We can usually accommodate any configuration (large or small) - just contact us with your requirements and we'll let you know if we can help.

How can I pay for my hosting?
Our preferred method of payment is by credit or debit card. We can take payment in either $USD or GBP. Monthly subscriptions will be automatically charged to your card. For larger orders, or customers who do not wish to pay by credit card we can normally issue an invoice to be paid 'off-line' (eg by cheque or bank transfer) top

Do I get any 'bulk discount'?
Usually. If you are ordering a large number of accounts from us we will probably be able to make a deal with you allowing you to purchase accounts at a reduced rate.

There are some hosts offering the same features at a better price, can you beat them?
We have very competitive prices, but we won't price match with other hosts as some have unreasonable pricing. For more information visit: unlimband.com.

Can I pay for reseller plans annually?
Yes. Please contact us for details

Do you accept Credit Cards online?
Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We use the SWREG merchant. Shopping with us is fast, safe and easy

How do I know if I have been charged or not?
After any successful transaction, you will receive and email from SWREG saying a transaction was made. If you did not get an email, it means no transaction was made and your credit card has not been charged.

Know exactly what you’re looking for?
Show me the range of shared web hosting and reseller services you provide

Confused? Need any help?
I would like to leave my details with you so that
a sales consultant can get in touch with me

Data Centre and Hardware

If you’re curious as to where and how your site is
served to the internet then the links below will be
of interest.

Tour of our data centre facility
Specifications of our web servers
Our service level agreement
Photos of scheduled maintenance

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