What is virtual hosting?
Virtual Hosting is where multiple web sites (www.domain.com) are served off the same physical server. This is the most common method of hosting sites of small to medium size with light to moderate traffic

What is dedicated hosting?
Dedicated hosting is where an entire physical web-server is dedicated to just one website. Dedicated hosting is very costly but is the only option for very large websites.

Can I host adult oriented sites with you?
Yes, adult hosting is allowed as long as there are appropriate warnings and disclaimers. Please contact us before your site 'goes live'.

Do you provide an SMTP service?
Yes. If you have a hosting account with us, you can send email using our SMTP server. Please make sure SMTP authentication is turned on in your mail client.

What domain name extensions do you support?
We can host all domain name extensions (.com, .net, .org, .co.uk, .biz, .tv etc). However, we are only able to register domain extensions listed on our domains page

Can I setup my own email accounts and change settings without having to contact you?
Yes - You can manage email accounts, passwords, ftp accounts, error pages, database and much more.

How do I upload my website once I've made it?
You can upload files to your account using FTP.

What are the server/data centre specifications?
IClick Here to view the Data Centre Tour page.

Do you offer any secure hosting service?
Yes, we offer SSL hosting on your own dedicated certificate, or one of our shared certificates.

Does you provide support to reseller account holder's clients?
No, resellers must provide their own support to their clients.

Can I give anything@mydomain.com email address to my clients or friends?
Yes, you are free to give email addresses to your anyone you like.

Can you help me to install my scripts or programs?
We do not offer support for support third party scripts. We do not guarantee third party scripts to work. We might help you to install it free or for a small charge

How can I transfer my domain to you?
Just point your domain nameservers to our nameservers (contact us for details). We can do it for you, if you experience any problems.

Know exactly what you’re looking for?
Show me the range of shared web hosting and reseller services you provide

Confused? Need any help?
I would like to leave my details with you so that
a sales consultant can get in touch with me

Data Centre and Hardware

If you’re curious as to where and how your site is
served to the internet then the links below will be
of interest.

Tour of our data centre facility
Specifications of our web servers
Our service level agreement
Photos of scheduled maintenance

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