Physical Security
Installed security barriers to prevent access
CCTV video camera surveillance
On site personnel forvisual verification of all persons entering building
Security breach alarm linked to control room

Proximity Access Cards (PAC) allow access to the building. Usage of the PAC is logged by time and date. PAC involves the displaying of a digital photograph on monitored security systems when the card is swiped. Technicians will then verify the information and grant access.
Access to equipment however is unhindered - staff can easily enter the datacentre day or night without obstructions

Redundant and reliable power supply is available to data centre users. On site generators are also in use to deal with customers and plant load when recharging UPS
100% power uptime guarantee

Fire Detection/Suppression
VESDA installed in every facility and monitored continually. Early detection helps avoid fire and loss of data.
Gas based fire retardant for instantly putting our fires without damage to equipment

Air Conditioning
Constant temperature of 21°C ± 2°C and relative humidity at 50% ± 10%

Building Management System (BMS)
"All Redbus Interhouse facilities operate computerised building management systems that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems"

Photographs from the DataCentre & Scheduled Maintenance

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(Some photographs shown courtesy of Redbus Interhouse Plc)

Server Specifications:
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Data Centre and Hardware

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